2 Best VR podcasts

Listening to the podcasts is a great way to learn new interesting things and hear about events happening around us; that includes virtual reality too and since virtual reality is becoming more and more trending subject, you can find podcasts that can be very valuable to anyone who want to understand VR.

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What will change the marketing industry?

What will cahnge the marketing industry? what is the next big thing? What is going to revolutionalize tje whole world, (the whole world because marketing affects everything around us) ?

and what if that next thing is already invented? and you ve definitely heard of?

You have probably heard of virtual reality applications; those VR glasses with 3D effects, the glasses which a few decades ago were hard to imagine.

But now whenever I imagine future, I strongly believe that it is the next thing, that will have the tremendous influence on our daily lifes. The way we life, the way we work, the way we have vacarions, the way we travel or spend free time.

Not only that but it’s gonna change the way we get the information, all kinds of information including news , messages and advertisements from companies.

That’s true; VR applications will change the whole marketing industry.